Photo of the Week       It was an honest mistake (not “fake news”). I copied some bad information, and put the wrong dates in a photo caption about the big Quilt Festival in Burnet next weekend. The right dates are February 9 and 10! By the way, I am an expert on fake news, and during my misspent youth I used to deliberately make up crazy news items and invent bogus organizations (even placed one fake “personals” ad). I thought it was all a very obvious joke, but some people took it seriously. I had to quit when the Daily Show called and invited me to appear on their show (they were actually going to fly me to New York). The catch was that I had to pretend I believed the nonsense I was spouting. I was so embarrassed that I declined the invitation and (mostly) quit my joking. When I started working for the Burnet Bulletin in 2000, I went “mainstream,” and have not pursued what might have been a promising career. That all happened before Jon Stewart made “fake news” famous, and I have occasionally wondered if he ever heard of me!

John Hallowell, Editor       These days, especially in my history articles, I try hard to be exactly accurate; small discrepancies in my writing are accidents, often caused by my declining memory. I wrote last week about Kingsland’s “little white Christian Church,” and mentioned that I wouldn’t say a firm date for its move from Hwy 1431 to Chamberlain Street. Well, as I progressed in putting pages together last weekend, I found that I had already ascertained the real date, and had written about it four years ago. The church was moved about 50 feet to the east before the groundbreaking in January of 1965 (to make room for the new Kingsland Community Church sanctuary), but it wasn’t moved to the senior center location until November of 1966. It troubled me when I realized I had guessed wrong on that two weeks ago, and I’m very relieved to see that I already had the right information just waiting to be put in the book.


       Speaking of that book, I regret to say that I just barely missed my self-imposed deadline of January 31. I had been expecting it to take 180 or 184 pages, and I have now completed 173. Unfortunately, there are a few that I want to re-arrange, and I think now that the total page count is going to be closer to 200. I should be able to finish that much this Sunday, but I’m hearing rumors that three of my four kids may descend on my home this Saturday. That is always good news, and definitely will change my priorities IF it happens. That would push back the book’s schedule for another week, but it is ALMOST done. (The folks at Prosperity Bank and La Tequila Jalisco, which were both supposed to open in January, can probably feel my pain!)

       There are four “business” items I want to mention this week. One is that a meeting will be held next Wednesday evening (7 p.m.) at the VFW Post 6974 in Burnet to explore the possibility of creating a new VFW Auxiliary to support the Post. The Auxiliary supports the VFW and its members; it is comprised of relatives of eligible VFW members who are at least sixteen years old, and citizens of the United States. They will work side by side with the veterans on projects and events, and they will also promote the VFW Post through their own community service projects. If you would like to be a charter member, bring your veteran’s DD 214 and the membership fee of $30. Call Kat Carter at 317-654-9910 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

       Hill Country Memorial, based in Fredericksburg, has been recently increasing its presence in Llano County; you can see a picture of the new Llano clinic on page 6. Now the HCM Hospice is planning a series of free bereavement support meetings in February and March for anyone who has suffered any kind of death or loss. The Living with Loss -- Kingsland support group will meet weekly at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays, from February 6 through March 6, at 5 at Kingsland Hills Care Center (3727 RR 1431).

       The Kingsland group is open to anyone in the Highland Lakes area, and it is facilitated by HCM Hospice Chaplain Richard Vandeventer, who has been a chaplain for many years and has previously led grief support groups in the area. For more information, call HCM Hospice toll-free at (800) 859-3169. The Kingsland Boys & Girls Club will host a Valentine Carnival, with a bouncy house, face-painting, games, auction, tours, etc,. from 4 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13 at Kingsland First Baptist Church.

       And the Kingsland Chamber Breakfast Club will meet at Valentine Lakeside Resort (845 Euel Moore) at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, February 21.


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