Photo of the Week      What a weekend! I used to consider January and February my “slow time,” and try to plan ahead for things to fill my schedule (and the pages of my paper). I really shouldn’t worry.

       It’s partly John Hoover’s fault. He explained the importance of the county livestock shows to me more than seventeen years ago, when I was just starting as editor in Burnet, and actually paid my bosses for four extra pages to be filled with pictures of participants in 2001. I am still proud of that week’s paper, although I had to work most of Sunday and Monday nights scanning pictures at the office!

John Hallowell, Editor       I didn’t do as well this year; I am limited to 16 pages total, and there were other things I wanted to include. I decided to settle for the Grand Champion winners and a few others. If possible, I’ll try to do at least that much for the Llano kids next week. Then the Chamber of Commerce banquets begin, and there is plenty of other activity in the meantime,

       Actually, last weekend wouldn’t have been too busy if I hadn’t got so excited about publishing my Kingsland book. I had set a goal of finishing 80 pages by Monday morning, and I came pretty close. The writing is all done, but I have to choose pictures and tweak them to the printers’ specifications, then lay out the pages. I’m not as fast as I should be, but I’m getting into a routine, so I’m probably 40 percent done. That means I should have books near the beginning of February.

       I have a bunch of things I need to mention, so I’ll try to focus. Kingsland School is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Their open enrollment period runs through January 31, and they will be accepting students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Also, they are celebrating National School Choice Week with an Open House from 10 to 1 next Wednesday (January 17). The public is encouraged to attend; visitors can sign in at the front desk, then tour the classrooms to see students and teachers in action. 

       The Burnet Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for Citizen, Senior and Youth of the Year, plus Small Business (less than 10 employees) and Large Business of the Year; award winners will be honored at the Annual Awards Banquet on February 17. An added feature this year is a $1500 ‘Bluebonnet Festival’ college scholarship to the high school senior selected as Youth of the Year. The deadline for nominations is Friday, January 19. Nomination forms are available at the Chamber office (101 N. Pierce) or online at

       Nationally-known baritone Robert Gardner, whose mother happens to be the pianist at the Federated Church in Sunrise Beach, will be in town for the next several months, and will sing a couple of songs each week (starting January 14) at the 9:30 worship service (accompanied, of course, by his mother). I hope to have a picture and a little more information in next week’s paper, but to HEAR him, you’ll have to go to Sunrise Beach.

       There are good things happening around Lake Buchanan; from what I hear, the Lake Buchanan Conservation Corp. will be building a new pavilion at the Llano County Park, and the East Lake Buchanan VFD (with a big assist from the LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program) will be installing a new boat lift for the surplus Coast Guard boat that it recently purchased and rehabbed to serve as a fire and rescue boat. The boat will lift will be at a dock donated by neighbors, and the large, rugged boat will be available for emergencies 24/7 in any weather.

       I try not to eat out too often; my budget, my weight, my blood sugar and my doctor are all working against my appetite for good food. Still (for research purposes only, you understand) I do occasionally splurge when a new restaurant opens in my territory. So I am happy to report that the lasagna is very good at the new Mambo Italiano Ristorante in Bertram, and the “Captain’s Quesadilla” at Del Rio Comida Deluxe in Marble Falls (recommended to me by a friend) is amazing.

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