1 john hallowell editor lg       I guess rules are made to be broken, and I’m about to break my own cardinal rule: “No Bad News in My Paper!” I have never included obituaries in the Highland Lakes Weekly, even though I have often wanted to honor a friend or mourn the passing of someone I greatly respected. And I’m not going to include an obituary this week even though, for the first time ever, I had to write one. It was my mother’s.
       The reason I mention it here is because, even though I just returned from a trip to Walla Walla, I’m headed back there this weekend for my mother’s funeral. It’s not really terrible news; it wasn’t a shock to hear; she lived almost 90 years, and her life continues to have a hugely positive impact. I had been given the opportunity to see her just a few days before she died, and I know that she is ever-so-much happier now. The only sad part is that she is gone.
       It seems that every week I come up with a new excuse to fall short of my standards in putting this paper together. This week’s is the flood of memories that have been swirling around in my head as I try to simultaneously plan another trip and produce another paper. I won’t be too surprised if there are glaring errors in this week’s edition, but I’m counting on my readers to understand!
Photo of the Week       One of the events that I’m going to miss is the 50th anniversary celebration at Chapel of the Hills. I have a special affection for that church because of the welcome my family and I received there when we first moved to Burnet in 1996. I had the privilege of meeting quite a few of the early members, and many people I met there are still my friends. My wife worked as secretary there for a few years, and I worked as the janitor there to supplement my not-quite-livable wages at the Burnet Bulletin. Since I won’t be able to be at the celebration, I’m hoping to devote some of the space in this week’s paper to the church’s history. You can find details on the celebration in the ad on page 9 (I hope some of you will be able to attend).

       There are a few other things I want to mention here. One is the new Boys and Girls Club at the First Baptist Church in Kingsland. It opened on Wednesday, and offers after-school recreation, tutoring and even meals for elementary-aged students. Protea Salon and Spa will be hosting a charity event for the club on August 24 which will include a book drive (accepting new or gently-used books for grades 1-6, plus donating 20% of clothing sales from Protea’s new boutique that day). Cari Rivers (Younique makeup) and Teresa Gray (Premier Design Jewelry) will also be at the event and donating a portion of their sales to the cause. Amy Lescoe- Hall also has an online Usborne Books drive going (at for the Boys and Girls Club of Kingsland. For more details, or to donate directly to the club, contact Robin Kaspar at 830-265-0682.
       Commissioner Mike Sandoval’s August Town Hall meeting will be held starting at 6 p.m. and ending at 7:30 on Tuesday, August 22 at the First Baptist Church (3435 W Ranch Road 1431) in Kingsland.
Also on August 22 (6:30 to 7:30 p.m.), the YWCA will host another meeting at the Kingsland Community Center. This will be the “Back to School” meeting, with a focus on bullying and substance abuse at school, and students, parents and concerned citizens are all invited (see ad on page 6).
       Buddies One-Stop and Kingsland Insurance are teaming up to sponsor a $250 "Back to School Giveaway" beginning August 21 and continuing through Labor Day! Find “Buddies” or “Kingsland Insurance Agency” on Facebook to enter.
       One of my mother’s most famous sayings was “Cheer up; things could be worse!” Before I learned, I would cheer up; sure enough, things WOULD get worse. Right now (if you think THIS week’s paper is disorganized) I’ll tell you straight up: next week’s paper (if I actually get a hurry-up paper done after I get home exhausted from an all-night trip next Tuesday) will almost definitely be worse.
       Have a great week anyway! Thank you for reading the Highland Lakes Weekly!

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