The big news for me this week, at least personally, is that I’ve finished my appointed rounds, and delivered my allotment of “Kingsland, Texas!” magazines to nearly forty towns around Texas. Theoretically, that means that I’ll fulfill the prophecy on my forty-year-old wooden plaque, which says “Next week I’ll get organized!”
John Hallowell, Editor       I’m obviously not holding my breath, but I think (or at least hope) that I’m already making progress. You may have noticed that I didn’t write a whole lot last week about the Burnet County Fair (although I did have plenty of pictures this year). That was partly because I couldn’t find an email that I thought I had received, listing winners and giving pertinent statistics. I remembered (after I found it a day too late in a stack of papers next to my desk) that I actually had been handed a press release while I was there; the email never existed.
       The county fair was a big success, with 157 exhibitors displaying a record-setting 767 entries. Sweepstakes winners were: Kerry McDonald (Adult), Courtney Burrows (Senior Youth) and Cricket Beaman (Junior Youth). I should have had at least that much information in last week’s paper.
Photo of the Week       This week, I had the presence of mind to go through some of the stacks of paper that have been accumulating around my “office.” I discovered a flyer that someone had given me, advertising a free community Spaghetti Dinner at the fire hall in Granite Shoals. It is this Friday (June 23), from 5 to 9 p.m., and it seems that the purpose is to get residents (especially those who might be interested in volunteering some of their time) more familiar with the people, the activities and the needs of the department.

       On the back of that flyer, I had written a note about Movies in the Park; that event (also free, I believe) will begin at 8 p.m. in Bluebriar Park (take Phillips Ranch Road from Hwy 1431 to the water tower, then turn right on Bluebriar and go to the end).
       Next Tuesday (June 27), the Burnet County Commissioners Court will present the state’s Distinguished Service Award to the county’s Historical Commission. That active group donated 2,815 hours of volunteer service last year, compiling biographies of ten local “Women of Note,” raising funds and doing research and paperwork for historical markers at Burnet’s old red-brick school and two iron bridges in the Joppa area, plus helping regularly at Fort Croghan and the Falls on the Colorado Museum (and more!)
       The Marble Falls Public Library will host its annual Patriotic Concert at 4 p.m. on Friday, June 30. It is free, and everyone is invited.
       Of course, June 30 is also the date for the annual Veterans Dinner (to be held at Chapel of the Hills in Buchanan Dam this year; see ad on page 10) which kicks off Kingsland’s huge Aqua Boom celebration. July 4 is on Tuesday this year, so the events are stretched out over four days. That is the biggest event of the year for me and for this newspaper. Look for more info in the ads on pages 10 and 11; a full schedule is included in the “Kingsland, Texas!” magazine.
       I got a good practice run for Aqua Boom last weekend at the wonderful Soapbox Classic in Marble Falls. That was nonstop action from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and it was hot! I realized that I could get a whole lot more pictures than I needed in just a couple of hours, and that I’d better pace myself a little instead of trying to capture every little bit of the action on camera. I still remember last year’s Aqua Boom, when I was feeling totally “dazed and confused” by the time it was over. I think I’ll have to settle for a bunch of highlights this year, instead of trying to be everywhere for everything. (But for those who are younger and better able to handle the high temperatures, there will be a whole lot of great events over the long Independence Day weekend. Come on down!)
       Several other communities will be holding great Independence Day celebrations, on Saturday and again on Tuesday. I’ve heard from Blue Lake, Llano, Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Bertram and Briggs; I’m sure there are even more. Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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