I guess my brain was really fried by the time I finished last week’s paper; I wrote on page 12 that it was just over two months until Kingsland’s big Aqua Boom festival. Maybe I was thinking of my vacation, which I’m planning for the end of July (there won’t be a Highland Lakes Weekly on August 4); Aqua Boom is now just ONE month away!
John Hallowell, Editor       Something I forgot completely last week was a photo of Texas Chef Stan McDonald. I met him when he came to Llano’s Fuel Coffee House for a book-signing almost two weeks ago; I got an autographed copy (for my daughter, who likes to cook; I wouldn’t ever use it!), and I told him that I’d put his picture in the paper. I hope later is better than never.
       My internet went down again this past weekend (the fourth time this month), so this week’s history article is from some 1971 Highlander stories that I’d photographed at the library several months ago and downloaded to my computer. That was the year of Kingsland’s second Aqua Boom; this year’s will be the 48th.
Photo of the Week       One reason that I hadn’t used those articles before is because it seemed like there was so much bad news that year. I realized later that (even though there WAS some bad news) it really was just the outlook of the new editor. Bill Anderson was well qualified, and very good at his job (the Highlander won all kinds of awards while he was there), but he was a northeastern liberal who didn’t seem to like the Highland Lakes area very well. He had worked on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign team, and seemed to have a real grudge against Lyndon Johnson; I suspect that part of the reason he came here was to investigate the former president. One good thing he did was to draw attention to the pollution of the lakes which resulted from very lax septic system rules; unfortunately, most of his “news” had a definitely negative tone. (One Highlander columnist wrote sarcastically that President Johnson, instead of dying like a normal American, had “already made arrangements in heaven through Billy Graham to ascend into glory directly from the ranch”).

       Of course, there WAS some bad news to report (as there is these days). I was at the dedication of His Joshua House last Thursday, a recovery house for men who have problems with drugs and/or alcohol. I was taken aback when one of the board members explained that it was in Kingsland partly because they wanted to be “in the epicenter of the drug problem.” That seems to be one of the downsides to Kingsland’s unincorporated “anything goes” attitude, and I wouldn’t dare deny it. But this paper focuses on good news, and there is more than enough of that to fill all my 16 pages. Anybody who claims there is no media bias should read Bill Anderson’s work and mine side-by-side.
       Speaking of good news, the Granite Shoals city council will be holding a pancake breakfast to thank volunteers in their community (especially the Master Naturalists who donated the new bird-watching station) from 8 to 11 a.m. next Saturday (June 10) at the Fire Hall.
       The Kingsland Chamber will hold its monthly Breakfast Club meeting (with free breakfast tacos and coffee) at the Kingsland Library on Wednesday, June 21. Doors open at 7:45, and the meeting goes from 8 to 9. Attendees will introduce themselves and their businesses, then hear from Hill Country Home Health, which is this month’s sponsor.
       The Hill Country Humane Society is offering an “Over 30” adoption special; through the end of June, any dog or cat which has been at the shelter for 30 days or more can be adopted for just $60. Call 512-793-5463 for details, or visit online at

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