Tiny Homes in Kingsland       Mike Leamon and Lisa Morgan are “corporate refugees” from Austin who decided to invest their retirement nest egg in real property in Kingsland. After they purchased a somewhat-neglected little trailer park next to Packsaddle Elementary School, they began spending more time here. As their hands-on management style and pride of ownership transformed the “Twin Rivers” property into a vibrant little neighborhood, they developed a genuine appreciation for the Kingsland community. In 2015, they saw a “For Sale” sign off RR 2545 and fell in love with a little lake, built during the 1960s by well-known Kingsland rancher Shirley Williams. They purchased the 11-acre property which included the four-acre “Granite Lake,” and spent much of the next two years clearing the land and planning their future.
Tiny Homes in Kingsland       The plan they came up with was a “tiny home” overlooking the scenic lake; they moved to Kingsland this past summer. They decided to bring in a few more of the compact cottages for a “friends and family retreat,” as well as “short-term vacation rentals” which will help pay for the dream property. They were so impressed with Platinum Cottages’ charming, 399-square-foot luxury homes that Lisa decided to become a dealer this fall. They now have six tiny homes on the west side of their lake; one is their home, two are beautifully furnished model homes (which will double as vacation cottages) and the other three are straight-from-the-factory homes available for sale. The only catch is that you can’t leave them by Granite Lake; you’ll have to find your own piece of paradise to settle down.

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